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Muslims must unite, says the Malaysian prime minister

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Muslim countries should unite to protect themselves against external threats, said Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed after describing the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by the US as immoral.

The oldest prime minister in the world, who has caused a lot of tension lately in his reports on Muslim issues, also added that the US attack on an unmanned aircraft against Soleimani violated international law.

Soleiman’s assassination last Friday in Baghdad has raised concerns about a wider conflict in the Middle East.

Mahathir, 94, pointed out that it could also lead to the escalation of “what we call terrorism”.

“It is high time for the Muslim countries to unite,” he said.

“We are no longer safe. If someone offends or says something they don’t like, another person from another country is allowed to send an unmanned aircraft and possibly kill me.”

About 50 people, including women in a burqa, gathered outside the Iranian embassy in Kuala Lumpur to shout “Down, Down USA”.

Mahathir has sought to maintain good relations with Iran despite US sanctions imposed on Tehran. About 10,000 Iranians live in Malaysia.

Mahathir also met with Iranian President Hassan Rohani last month during a Muslim leaders’ conference in Malaysia to discuss boosting trade ties between the two countries.

Mahathir’s recent comments on the treatment of Muslims in India and his criticism of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, based in Saudi Arabia, have sparked tension in Malaysia’s relations with New Delhi and Riyadh.

“I tell the truth,” he stressed. “If you do something that is wrong, I think I have the right to speak.”

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