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The mystery of the flying car: California authorities couldn’t find an SUV that landed in the sea

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The camera inside a vehicle was able to capture how another lost control and blowing out on a cliff: for now, there are no clues about it

Monday, December 30, 2019. A young man is driving his vehicle on State Highway 1, in Half Moon Bay, in the direction of Gray Whales Cove State Beach (California, USA). It is a sunny and clear day, with not too many cars, when, suddenly, something surprises you: at high speed and as it appeared from nowhere, a car in the opposite direction crosses the two lanes of the road to rush down a cliff .. and the most absolute silence.

This young man soon alerted the authorities of what he had seen and that, fortunately, the camera he was carrying in his vehicle was able to record. Soon, the police machinery was launched to try to rescue the car it had blown up and its occupants … but the first investigations have failed to even find a clue that allows them to find the car or know how many people were inside. For now, all hypotheses are shuffled.

The video shows a dark SUV with tinted windows. In a sharp curve, the vehicle not only does not follow the path of the road, but crosses the opposite direction to literally fly off a cliff located about 40 meters high from the sea. When that young man got out of the car to see if he could help, he only glimpsed to see tire tracks on the cliff, but not a single trace of the dark vehicle in the water.

The California authorities have opened an investigation to try to solve what has really happened. On the ground, beyond the trail of the wheels in the sand near the cliff, only a series of car wrecks have appeared, but researchers doubt that they belong to the vehicle that the images recorded. After the specialists submerged in search of the car, they were not able to find a single clue about it.

It is difficult to determine exactly what happened … What we saw is what everyone else has seen. It is very difficult to say if it was intentional, if it was an accident or if there was some kind of foul play, but we are investigating everything. We know by what we have deduced that the vehicle did not hit the rocks or the hillside, and we believe we are sure that it could have been submerged in the water”, Bert Diaz, a California Highway Patrol officer, confirmed to ‘ABC News’.

For more strangeness, the Californian authorities have not received a single notice of missing person or vehicle going for weeks, so they have not been able to spin a track that allows them to know what can be treated. It could be a simple accident or even an empty vehicle thrown into the ocean to get rid of it. The authorities consider all kinds of hypotheses, which are complicated because of the strong waves that affect the area.

In fact, there have been waves of up to five meters and powerful currents that are complicating the research work. The authorities go further and ensure that, in case the storm lasts several days, they may never find the car. A mystery, for now, unsolved.

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