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New York mounts 45 mobile morgues because there is no room for the deceased anymore

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Kamal Saini
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With more than 3,000 deaths in New York State, of which half have occurred in the city in just a few days, the morgues have collapsed. No space, not even body bags. Hence, the authorities have decided to mount 45 mobile morgues throughout the city. There are also expected to be a few thousand more deaths.

“When you overload the health system, you also overload the death system,” a funeral director told The New York Times today. Also, the cemeteries and crematoriums are not enough, and also work with less personnel.

When you overload the health system, you also overload the death system

However, the authorities still point out that there is no danger of a health crisis due to the putrefaction of corpses in overloaded hospitals or even on the street, as has been seen in other cities such as Guayaquil in Ecuador.

Despite everything, New York’s health system is at maximum levels of tension and stress. Yesterday the figure was 75,000 infected – today it is expected to increase – and Governor Andrew Cuomo has already indicated that three public hospitals are dedicated exclusively to Covid-19 patients.

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