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Sanders withdraws from White House race, leaves Biden free

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Kamal Saini
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Social Democrat Bernie Sanders has decided to withdraw from the presidential race in the United States, leaving Joe Biden free to compete against Donald Trump for the White House. The coronavirus pandemic has left the general elections in the background, but the scheduled election date for November 3 remains.

The virus, however, has forced delays to primaries in many states and suspended candidate campaigns.

Sanders still had a chance of winning the Democratic nomination, but his options were weakening under the push of Biden, the undisputed winner on Super Tuesday on March 3, when thirteen states voted at the same time.

The pressure for Sanders to withdraw from the fight was mounting amid Democrats fearing the split in the party would reduce his chances of winning Trump.

Although the coronavirus is seriously affecting the economy, Trump’s great ally to repeat his mandate, the current president is the only one who continues to have outstanding media visibility today. Trump appears daily to update pandemic data with press conferences that typically span two hours.

And popularity, too, has been strengthened after the White House succeeded in getting Congress to approve a record $ 2.2 trillion aid package in record time.

Following the resignation of Sanders, who also competed against Hillary Clinton four years ago, Biden, vice president at the Barack Obama stage, is likely to be named a candidate. His option is preferred by the Party moderates.

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