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Security Council Passes Proposal To Stop Terrorist Funding, India Welcomes

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United Nations, Patra / IANS: To attack the financing of terrorists, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on Thursday with a consensus. It has been asked to prevent terrorist funding from all countries. India welcomed it and said that it needs to be implemented strictly. France offered this proposal during the discussion on ‘Countering Financing of Terrorism’ in the Security Council.

While presenting the proposal, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Leadrion of France said that to counter terrorism, the international community should attack its fundamentalist funding. On the passage of the resolution, India’s permanent representative in the United Nations Syed Akbaruddin said, “We welcome the acceptance of the big role of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in the proposal.

The Security Council needs to work better towards strict enforcement of its proposals related to terrorist funding. Akbaruddin also demanded that the restrictions imposed on the terrorists involved in the United Nations list should be strictly enforced.

India emphasis on below things in the proposal:
– The proposal passed by the Security Council has been stressed to stop terrorist funding.
– Request to stop the way of financial help being provided to terrorist group.
– Demand for more effective investigation and prosecution of cases related to funding
– Stricltly applying appropriate criminal lines in cases related to funding

During the discussion in the Security Council, Akbaruddin said without naming Pakistan, “The supporters of terrorism will not improve the country.” Some countries who support terrorists make excuses to defend their actions and not take action.’

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