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The state of New York has forbidden to refuse vaccinations for religious reasons

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Jiya Saini
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The state government of New York voted to ban the ability to refuse vaccinations for religious reasons. The law related to the increase in the number of measles in the state came into force immediately after it was adopted on Thursday, the Associated Press website reports, but unvaccinated school students will be given 30 days to carry out all the necessary procedures after the start of the school year.

Despite the fact that numerous studies (mostly devoted to the MMR thivaccin vaccine) indicate that there is no connection between vaccination and autism, the rejection of vaccinations has become increasingly popular in recent years and even entered the list of global threats to humanity WHO.

To ensure the safety of children, the governments of some countries impose certain laws that imply certain measures for both anti-vaccination parents and their children. For example, in Australia, the policy of depriving family benefits, which refuse to vaccinate their children, effectively works, and in Italy this March entered into force a law according to which unvaccinated children cannot attend school and kindergarten.

In the United States, the requirements for vaccination of children are regulated at the state level, and this applies to both the necessary vaccinations and possible exceptions, according to which parents can refuse vaccination. So, in all 50 states , it is possible to refuse a certain vaccination for medical reasons (for example, if you are allergic to a certain component of the drug), but for philosophical and personal reasons – only in 16 years.

On Thursday, New York became the fifth state in the country that imposed a ban on giving up vaccination for religious reasons, joining California, West Virginia, Mississippi, and the State of Maine. The law was introduced largely because of the largest outbreak of measles in 27 years: since the beginning of the year, about 700 cases have been registered, many of which affected the orthodox Jewish community in New York.

Despite the fact that in 2018, WHO has already raised the topic of measles growth in Europe, as of April 2019, the organization reported an increase in the number of registered cases of the disease four times compared with last year’s figures – and worldwide.

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