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Tapes reveal Melania’s views on separating Migrant children and their families

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In her conversation, which took place in 2018 with a close friend, Melania Trump registered her concerns about migrant children and the duties she has to perform as the First Lady.

The conversations were secretly recorded and have been made public just as the 2020 Presidential Elections are approaching.

In the tapes, Melania and her former aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff could be heard elaborating on the comforts migrant children have in the camps where they are kept after being separated from their families. She also compared Trump’s policy of family separation with that of former President Obama’s.

The issue of separating children from their mothers is not as simple as just having the comforts of a bed. It has overarching concerns regarding their primary everyday care, ranging from their feeding, clothing and changing diapers, to their education and human rights. The psychological issues a child faces from being separated from their mothers at a very young age and growing up in a camp are still unknown. The main objective for such measures is mainly dissuasion, as it serves as a reminder to potential newcomers to the country.

Many speculations of Melania not being happy at the White House have been put to rest. As she seems to be completely in sync with her husband’s policies and holds similar views regarding the liberal media. Maybe these tapes can put social causes such as ‘Save Melania’ to rest.

Melania can also be heard complaining about Christmas decorations in the White House referring them to as “Who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff and decorations, but I need to do it”.

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