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The impeachment trial will allow for truth and accountability in the Senate: Chuck Schumer

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“This impeachment trial in the United States Senate will allow for truth and accountability,” says Chuck Schumer on former US President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) today announced a Senate resolution agreement defining the framework of Donald J. Trump’s forthcoming Senate impeachment trial to ensure that the trial is fair to both the impeachment managers and the prosecution.

Schumer was delighted that all the parties (the executives, former presidential counsel, and Leader McConnell) having agreed to, had agreed to ensure a fair and honest bipartisan Senate impeachment trial of Trump.

He also added that the Senate impeachment trial in the United States will lead to ‘truth and accountability‘ which are crucial to ensure ‘desperately-needed unity‘ following a ‘despicable attack‘ on the country’s democracy on January 6 that resulted in the death of 5.

The latest Senate resolution that is expected to pass the Senate earlier this week provides for the following:

  • There would be an equivalent division of 4 hours between the impeachment managers and the former president’s counsel to put forth the arguments relating to the constitutionality of trial, on February 9.
  • Following the arguments, the Senate will vote on whether the trial of the former president falls under the jurisdiction of the Senate. If a majority votes on the side of constitutionality if trial, the provisions under the Senate resolution will proceed as follows:
  • The impeachment managers and the defense would be given 16 hours (per side) to present their case starting at 12:00 pm EST on February 10. According to the resolution, each side must use their time for a maximum of 2 days,  wherein presentation per day will not exceed 8 hours.
  • After the presentations, Senators would be given 4 hours to question both parties.
  • Following the questions, at the request of impeachment managers, 2 hours will be equally distributed for the purpose of arguments on whether it will be in order for the Senate to consider motions to subpoena documents and witnesses.
  • Motions to subpoena witnesses and documents will be considered to be in order if the Senate votes in its favor. The Senate then can vote on any such motions.
  • Both parties will be allowed to depose witnesses if the witnesses are subpoenaed. The parties can also conduct suitable discovery. In such an event, particular provisions for carrying out depositions, and that of witness testimony in the Senate, on the order by the Senate will be included in the following senate resolutions to be agreed upon in the subsequent parts of the trial.
  • For the purpose of closing arguments, a maximum of 4 hours will be equally distributed between impeachment managers and defense.
  • The Senate will vote on the Article of Impeachment at the conclusion of the closing arguments and deliberation time for Senators if requested.

There will be no trial proceedings between Friday after 5 p.m. at the request of President Trump’s counsel. Saturday or on the afternoon of Sunday, February 14, the Senate will again convene as a Court of Impeachment.

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