Three hikers die at the peak of Gran Sasso, the highest of the Apennines

Three hikers die at the peak of Gran Sasso, the highest of the Apennines

The Alpine Relief Corps searches for the bodies of two climbers and they have found the body of a woman who had been missing for a day who slipped on the ice

Three hikers have died in the last few hours, two while they were climbing and a woman who slipped during a walk, at the peak of Gran Sasso, the highest in the Apennine mountain range, in central Italy, the Alpine Relief Corps reported.

The two deceased who were part of a group of three climbers after spending the night at Franchetti del Gran Sasso refuge continued their climb on Thursday morning, but during the ascent, they slipped and fell into the void, according to the sole survivor.

While this Thursday, the 49-year-old woman who disappeared on Wednesday while doing an excursion in the area and who according to the lifeguards had to slide with an ice plate was found lifeless.

The discovery of the woman came after an entire night of searching with the help of an air force helicopter, which brought the teams of Alpine rescue technicians and Abruzzo speleological to the area. The same teams are now trying to recover the bodies of the two climbers.

The mountain guide and head of the avalanche plan of the Gran Sasso, Marco Iovenitti, warned that at this time the mountain is very dangerous because it has snowed little and then it has rained, in addition to the gusts of up to 180 per hour, so everything has become a layer of ice everywhere, even where there is no snow.”