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Three rappers shot dead at a party in Houston, Texas

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In Houston, Texas, three people were shot dead during a party at the DD Sky Club.

Eyewitnesses reported that first, a fight broke out between the two groups, and then “from seven to ten shots” sounded. The police officers who came to the call found a 19-year-old girl and two guys 21 and 22 years old killed. Another 17-year-old was seriously injured and hospitalized.

Local media reports that those killed were local rappers.

In total, about 30 people attended the party.

According to an eyewitness, a 20-year-old local hip-hop performer who performed at a club show with an open microphone, said he heard seven to ten shots before he and his friends fled the scene.

“We were very scared, we ran to save our … lives,” he said.

The police continue to search for two people who, according to preliminary information, are responsible for the shooting.

The party was held illegally as Texas authorities banned public events due to coronavirus restrictions.

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