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The Times Finds Nine Russians in UK Threat Report

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Nine Russian businessmen were included in a report on illegal Russian involvement in British politics prepared by the inter-party intelligence and security committee, The Times reported, citing a yet-to-be-published document. The list includes people who supported the British Conservatives.

In particular, according to the newspaper, the report includes former Deputy Chairman of Yukos, Alexander Temerko, who over the past seven years has donated more than £ 1.2 million to the British Conservative Party (about $ 1.5 million).

According to The Times, Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of the former deputy finance minister of Russia, Vladimir Chernukhin, was also named as a major sponsor of the conservatives. Last year she donated over 450 thousand pounds to the party.

In addition, the report also mentions the name of Yevgeny Lebedev, the son of Alexander Lebedev, who owns the London newspaper Evening Standard.

In 2015, Johnson, who served as the mayor of London, along with Lebedev Jr. took part in an action to help homeless veterans, spending the night on the street, wrote The Independent.

The Times recalls that Yevgeny Lebedev invited Boris Johnson, when he was the head of the British Foreign Ministry, to parties at a family estate near Perugia in Italy.

“It is not known in which part of the report – public or confidential – these names are mentioned,” The Times notes.

According to the publication, “the British intelligence community is angry with the delay in publishing the report, since measures to protect sensitive information have already been taken.” However, when the report may be published is still unknown.

As reported, on November 4, the UK authorities were to publish a report on the topic of “Russian interference” in British politics, in particular, in the referendum on Brexit. The publication was postponed until the elections in the UK are scheduled for December 12.

The 50-page report was the result of an 18-month investigation by the British Parliament’s intelligence and security committees.

Last Tuesday, The Independent, citing Deputy Foreign Minister Christopher Pincher, wrote that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is too busy with matters relating to the country’s exit from the EU to study this report.

The newspaper does not say when the report can be officially made public and what threatens the Russians’ inclusion in it. Last year, Johnson, as Foreign Secretary, said that London could step up sanctions after Brexit against a number of countries trying to meddle in Britain’s affairs, including against Russia.

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