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UN human rights experts condemn use of force against peaceful protesters in the US

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Human Rights experts from the United Nations Organization (UN) said in a statement that they condemn the use of force against peaceful protesters in the United States who gathered to protest the death of George Floyd in police custody and they highlighted the urgency of police reform.

“Police abuse and excessive use of force during peaceful demonstrations is inexcusable at any time, but it is especially distressing when protesters are precisely demanding accountability for police brutality and systemic racism in the Police,” notes the release.

“Firing tear gas and hitting peaceful protesters does not silence them. It only reaffirms the urgency of the fight for police reform and racial justice in the United States,” adds the UN.

The United States is experiencing a wave of protests after the death of the African American George Floyd, 46, on May 25 in Minneapolis in an episode of police brutality, a fact that was filmed and quickly went viral.

The images show a white police officer holding Floyd on the ground with his knee to his neck for several minutes. Floyd repeatedly tells the police officer that he cannot breathe until he is unconscious; died in a hospital soon after.

In at least 140 US cities there have been strong protests and violent riots, which is why several of them declared the curfew. 

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