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An unpleasant record: India becomes the world’s third-worst COVID affected country

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A sharp increase of 86,432 COVID -19 cases in India, in a single day.

The COVID – 19 pandemic has invaded the globe putting mankind to face serious and the most hazardous threats of all times. While a section of people might call this the ‘New Normal’, an increasingly large number of people are still being held in the clutches of the Novel Corona Virus.
The Union Health Ministry made a staggering revelation of an upsurge in the COVID-19 cases across the country to a record number of 86,432 cases in a single day, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 40,23,179. India has now become the world’s third-worst COVID affected countries, only after the United States, and Brazil. The death toll in India swept to a count of 1089 in the 24 hour period, resulting in a total of 69,561 deaths till date. The recovery rate is considerably decent with 31 lakh patients having recovered, resulting in a total recovery rate of 77.2%.
The post-lockdown phase has posed a totally new set of challenges. With a large number of workplaces becoming active, the ongoing dilemma over re-opening of educational institutions, the social distancing principle appears to be compromised, thus adding to adversities. Though failure of effective administrative functioning at both – local and national levels and inefficient healthcare could be a major causative component behind the stark increase in COVID cases, the lack of responsibility on the part of public as the most crucial entity, cannot be negated.
The article is written by Ms Deepika Naik.
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