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US 2020: The Democratic race for the White House

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Millionaire Michael Bloomberg has broken into the electoral race to try to clarify a battle that is uncertain; The options to repeat the mandate are also not clear to Trump

Just a few weeks ago he announced his official candidacy for the White House and has already placed himself in the fifth position as a favourite in the Democratic primary. The options of Michael Bloomberg (Boston, 1942) to the presidency of the United States begin to take shape, although the road until November 3, 2020, when citizens will seal the country’s destiny for the next four years, is still tortuous.

Bloomberg plays big. For a businessman who manages a fortune of 56,000 million dollars (50,300 million euros), the enemies to beat are not the candidates who also compete in the Democratic primary, but the current president Donald Trump, who says that “represents a threat existential for our country and our values ​​”.


Despite the distance that separates him from the current president, Bloomberg and Trump have many things in common. The media mogul has already begun to speak in the language that led Trump to victory in 2016, through a speech that highlights his ability as a manager thanks to his experience as mayor in New York and his skills to generate the job. Both also share an independent ideology, despite military circumstantially in opposing parties, and their campaign is totally personalistic. Both Bloomberg and Trump had been threatening to take the step towards the White House for years before launching their official candidacy and both have focused their career on private enterprise.

The final battle may focus on these two septuagenarian businessmen in a few months, but Bloomberg should first win the primaries, where a consolidated and virtually victorious Hillary Clinton almost lost them three years ago at the hands of emerging politicians such as the Social Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

The favourable position of Sanders in the polls, where he is the second favourite, and Elizabeth Warren, third, underline that Democratic voters have begun to turn to the left, although this party also includes millions of moderates who are the ones Bloomberg Try to catch.

Precisely, his candidacy has been endorsed by the fear of the revolutionary proposals of Sanders and Warren, who plan to tax new millionaires and chop the tech giants, among other ideas unpublished in the paradise of capitalism and the free market.

Thus Bloomberg faces the current great favourite: the moderate Joe Biden, a vice president with Barack Obama and enjoys a great reputation. When the primaries kick-off, with the cause of Iowa in February next year, it will begin to be revealed if the Democrats continue to opt for caution or if they consider it time for more radical policies.

March Super Tuesday, when primary events are held in 16 states such as California and Texas, will be a key event, and where Bloomberg will enter the scene with a self-funded campaign that will gauge the balance of powers. The contest will culminate in June, a month before the Milwaukee Democratic National Convention designates the official candidate who will face Trump.

The main candidates

JOE BIDEN, THE CONSOLIDATE (27.4% Options to win the Democratic primary)

As vice president of the Administration of Barack Obama, he is a candidate closely linked to the system, but also one of the most confident. Against him play the business of his son Hunter in Ukraine that has led to impeachment against Trump.


It was very difficult for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries and her followers believe that the time has come for the White House to give way to a social-democratic candidate. Of ideology and firm convictions, it attracts the youngest.


For those who believe that the United States needs a radical turn, it is the perfect candidate. It is a veteran and hyperactive policy that has already raised dozens of proposals, some as blunt as chopping up large technology groups.


If he won the election, the 37-year-old Democrat would become the youngest president in the history of the United States. He is a graduate of Harvard and served in Afghanistan, which is another of his strengths.


Of Chinese origin, he is a lawyer, philanthropist and millionaire entrepreneur of populist ideas, such as the one he proposes to pay 1,000 dollars a month to each citizen if he wins the elections, in response to the automation of jobs.

The media businessman in front of the real estate mogul

After years of calibrating his options, Michael Bloomberg (with 5.1% of options to win the Democratic primary) has decided that this is the best time to fulfil his maximum political ambitions. The lack of a clear candidate, the possibility of defeating Trump in his own language and the radical ideas of rising Democratic politicians have driven the candidacy of the 77-year-old millionaire to the White House. As a politician, Bloomberg has also militated among Republicans, which underlines his vision of independence. In his favour, he plays a progressive vision and his experience as mayor of New York since he maintained between 2002 and 2013. In addition, Bloomberg will finance his own campaign, which gives him greater room for manoeuvre. The entrepreneur also has weaknesses, such as his age.

The lack of a clear rival and the good moment of the American economy lead us to consider the current president, Donald Trump, as the virtual winner of the 2020 elections (43% support for his mandate). However, your options are not so clear. First, the tycoon won three years ago by the minimum and, in part, by the abstention of many Democrats. On the other, its popularity has never exceeded 50%, a percentage that could go down after the impeachment (political prosecution) has reached the Senate. Luck has smiled lately at Trump, who has signed up wins like the new trade deal with his North American partners supported by the Democrats, but there is still a long way (and probably many scandals) until the November elections. The Party, for now, supports him.

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