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The US reaches four million infected and Trump is looking for culprits

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Kuldeep Singh
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President Donald Trump has administered forgiveness to himself. If the virus has rebounded across the United States, the blame may fall on anyone but him. Although Trump continues to stick out his chest because the Dow Jones index breaks records, the numbers on the impact of the Covid-19 continue without control.

The United States, the same country on Wall Street, exceeded four million infected on Thursday. The measure of positive cases per day has stood at 66,000 and increases in 39 states.

California stars in a spectacular relapse. After leading the containment capacity, now it suffers an increase that has led it to unseat New York as the state with the most infected.

“Virus Trump”

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi talks about “Trump virus” because her lack of leadership has been a disaster

Public health experts warn that the current number of infections is higher than what has been recorded. It could be thirteen times higher in some areas. Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the White House team, said on Thursday that there are eleven cities – including Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Indianapolis – that have been left behind and are recording numerous cases. “When you see these increases, it is time to start mitigation,” he stressed.

There is also an increase in hospitalizations. The centres are on the verge of capacity. Right now, according to the COVID Tracking Project count, there are 59,628 people hospitalized, close to 59,940 at the April peak.

Even worse, the death toll has relaunched. It had been falling from the top of 2,300 deceased three months ago to 470 earlier this July. This served as an argument to Trump, who played down the rebound precisely because the positives were benign.

This Wednesday, for the second consecutive day, the bar of more than 1,000 deaths in 24 hours was exceeded, a milestone that has not been exceeded since May. In total, there are already more than 144,000 fatalities. The United States, which no country in the world exceeds, reached the first million patients on April 28. From the first case, it took him more than three months to break that record. In 43 days it reached the level of two million (on June 10). The three million took 27 days and the four, only 16, digits that demonstrate the ability to spread.

This Wednesday the bar of 1,000 dead in 24 hours was exceeded, something that had not happened since May

All this dismantles the president’s hypothesis that the increase was due to the expansion of the tests. His own scientific advisers, such as epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, apostille on many occasions that the issue went further.

In fact, and although Trump boasts that it is the country with the most tests, laboratories across the country face delays in doing these tests. This leaves patients anxious and doctors worried, who have to wait days or even weeks to know the results, largely due to a shortage of material.

The President has returned to the press conferences, in an attempt to grab onto a life preserver. In one of these, they asked him about whether he is emphasizing security problems in some cities, for which he sends federal agents, in order to cover his failure with the virus. “I think we have done magnificent things, which can be seen if you compare our statistics with those of other countries,” he replied. So if there has been a rebound, it is not because of their rush to reopen the economy.

The increase was attributed to festive gatherings, as well as “young people in bars and other places, such as beaches,” he said. He found another factor in the 3,200 kilometres of shared border with Mexico, although he did an incomprehensible rhetorical exercise. He identified the neighbouring country as responsible for more cases in the United States, although he added that the wall under construction is working very well as a deterrent.

Where he put more emphasis is on an element that is part of his law and order campaign, promoted in opposition to the anti-racist protests of the Black Lives Matter movement after the death of the black George Floyd. “A large number of cases – from Covid-19 – started among young people after the protests, which caused relaxation.” He offered no evidence. New York City, where there were massive marches, but which keeps bars and restaurants closed – only terraces – has one of the lowest numbers of positives.

The president talks about the “Chinese virus”. Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi calls it “the Trump virus.” Pelosi accused him yesterday that if he had acted months ago or had defended the mask earlier, “more people would have followed him and could have saved lives.”

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