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For US, the unipolar moment has passed, and it isn’t coming back

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Kuldeep Singh
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According to Foreign Affairs experts, the uncoordinated international response to the spread of COVID-19, the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, the revival of nationalist policy and the strengthening of borders jeopardize the policy of US President Donald Trump, based on the “America First” principle.

For the United States not to be among the losers in the fight for new world order, Washington must recognize that the world is no longer in the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century.

“The global leadership of the United States is not only in retreat, but is disintegrating. And this decline is not cyclical, but permanent,” experts explain to Foreign Affairs.

While predictions about the loss of US leadership and the change in world order have long been warned, the difference today is that the driving forces that made US hegemony possible have turned against them. According to experts, after a vicious circle of favourable events that once strengthened the power of the United States, a circle of events has begun that is now driving its dissolution.

With the growing influence of great powers like China and Russia, autocratic and anti-liberal projects compete with the liberal international system led by the United States. As a consequence, developing countries no longer need to depend on the generosity and support of the West, and now they have a choice.

Currently, Moscow and Beijing directly challenge the liberal world aspects through a variety of institutions, bodies and forums, for example, the Eurasian Economic Union, the BRICS and others in which they have great influence and contribute to the creation of alternative world order.

The authors believe that American politicians can prepare for world order once global hegemony has ended. However, by helping to maintain the core of the American system, US authorities can ensure that the US leads the global military and economic coalition so that it is not among the losers in the fight for new world order.

However, experts believe that in one way or another Washington will have to get used to an increasingly contested and complex world order because no amount of military spending can reverse the processes that lead to the unravelling of US hegemony.

“The unipolar moment has passed, and it isn’t coming back,” the experts concluded.

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