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The US warns of a possible North Korean launch and deploys its air surveillance

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Manish Saini
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Since the end of November, the US has maintained an important air surveillance deployment due to the fact that in recent weeks the regime has fired two projectiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan

The United States on Monday redeployed a reconnaissance aircraft over the Korean peninsula in the face of the possibility that the Pyongyang regime could carry out a missile launch in the coming days.

This time it was an RC-135W, a device capable of geolocating signals through the electromagnetic spectrum , reported the Twitter account dedicated to tracking military air movements Aircraft Spots. The Pentagon has also deployed this same aircraft over the weekend in the region with the intention of detecting activity in North Korean military installations.

Since the end of November, the United States has been carrying out an important deployment of aerial surveillance due to the fact that in recent weeks the regime has fired two projectiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan (called the East Sea in the two Koreas) by means of a large-calibre rocket launcher and two tests with long-range missile engines.

A Christmas present

The operation would also respond to Pyongyang’s warning that Washington could receive a “Christmas gift” if it does not choose to make a new proposal in the denuclearization dialogue.

In turn, North Korea, which this weekend held an important plenary in which “important measures” policies and “military steps” to defend themselves were discussed, said that the US has until the end of the year to raise the new offer.

Bilateral negotiations have not advanced since the failed February summit in Hanoi, where Washington considered Pyongyang’s offer regarding the dismantling of its nuclear assets insufficient and refused to lift economic sanctions. Since then, Kim Jong-un’s regime has repeatedly conducted weapons tests and hardened his rhetoric regarding the White House.

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