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We are all victims of COVID-19: a political virus being spread by Washington

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Kamal Saini
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China is winning the war against the new coronavirus, which scientists say is of natural origin, but the country is forced to fight another “political virus” spread by Washington circles.

The U.S. politicians say China should be held accountable for concealing information in the early stages of the pandemic. However, the charge of “cover-up” is being returned to the United States, as the whole world may see its inability to manage the health crisis. Instead of slandering China, it would be better for them to devote their time to tackling the pandemic inside their own country.

The anti-Chinese narrative of American politicians typically conceals the role of people like Zhang Jixian, a 54-year-old pulmonologist who first warned the health authorities about a new, dangerous coronavirus at the end of December in Wuhan. On December 27, Dr Zhang, director of the Intensive Care Unit at the Hubei Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Hubei Province, gave her report to the institution, which immediately forwarded it to the regional centre for infection control. At the time, information about the new virus was not available and no one knew how it spread.

On December 30, Wuhan’s municipal health committee sent an emergency alert for an unknown source of pneumonia in the city. The National Health Commission sent a working group and a staff of experts to Wuhan in the early hours of December 31 to coordinate disease control and research around the new virus.

China quickly shared this information with the international community. Since January 3, it has been regularly informing the World Health Organization (WHO) and other countries, including the United States, about the latest developments. On January 12, China forwarded to the WHO the information it had gathered about the new virus genome, which became the basis for international scientific research aimed at making a vaccine.

The Chinese authorities have taken comprehensive, strict measures and effective measures to control and prevent the spread of the epidemic. However, American politicians do not want to admit that we have managed to bring the pandemic under control in a relatively short period of time.

What the evidence shows

“The evidence speaks for themselves. China brought the epidemic under control, the U.S. didn’t. China implemented a strict curfew, while the US did not,” says Jeffrey Sachs, professor and director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, in New York.

“In fact, Trump repeatedly praised China until February, turning against it when the situation in the US worsened,” he adds.

China’s legislature and top political planning body will begin operating in May. So large-scale gatherings in Beijing confirm the successes in stemming the disease, although they require intensive efforts to prevent the possibility of recurrence. Public opinion trusts the government, as evidenced by the return to work and the large increase in domestic tourism. On May Day, 7,394 trains operated, carrying 7.37 million passengers. By April 25, 98.5% of small and medium-sized enterprises had reopened.

The alarm bell

As China struggled to cope with the virus, the alarm bell rang loudly around the world. However, the US government appeared to be more concerned about its political agenda than public health, hiding the seriousness of the threat from public opinion.

Some experts argue that china’s two-month window of opportunity to the rest of the world was wasted by the US government due to a misjudgment and incomplete preparation. China’s warnings fell on deaf ears. In order to distract from their own responsibilities, they sought a scapegoat.

According to Richard Horton, director of the British medical journal The Lancet, conspiracy theories can undermine international efforts to tackle the virus. “It is very important to understand the origin of the virus, to study it scientifically and not to allow conspiracy theories to poison our thinking,” he wrote. As China’s pollution campaign continues, the true picture of the US government unable to manage the health crisis is clearly emerging in front of the whole world.

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