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Xi Jinping orders China to be ready to wage war “at any time” and to the death

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In his first order of 2021, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that the country’s Armed Forces need to be prepared to fight. This new provision is a deviation from those previously announced, says Chinese journalist Liu Zhen.

The People’s Liberation Army must be ready to “act at any time,” the representative said in his order. He also demanded that the Chinese Armed Forces “substantially increase” the use of technology in its exercises and keep up with the latest military developments. His words coincided with the annual manoeuvres that began on January 4.

In the future, the Chinese military will have to include computer simulations in their exercises and learn how to fight online combat. In addition, the Chinese military should explore more opportunities to add high technology and the internet in its training.

In his order, Xi also emphasized that the military exercises should be conducted in cooperation with different units to forge their capabilities to conduct joint operations. In addition, he demanded to manage well the security of the soldiers who participate in them.

“All military commanders must resolutely apply the instructions of the Central Committee of the Party and the Central Military Commission, not fear hardship, carry forward the spirit of fighting to the death, maintain the correct training style, increase the will to fight, perfect skills (…)”

Translated content – says the document signed by the Chinese leader.

However, perhaps the most interesting provision included in the new order is that the People’s Liberation Army should “use border frictions” to polish its military capabilities, the Chinese analyst notes in the article for The South China Morning Post. This is a departure from orders given at the beginning of last year, which instructed the country’s armed forces to “manage crises and deter war.”

Although the Chinese president did not specify what frictions he was talking about, in 2020 China and India experienced the worst escalation of the old border conflict that had remained frozen for many years. The new clashes claimed the lives of 20 Indians and caused an undisclosed number of casualties from China. 

Hong Kong military expert Song Zhongping stressed that the order for 2021 shows the intention to get all measures taken to improve the ability of the People’s Liberation Army to win a war.

“China faces a great risk of war, which has been seriously implicated in this order. Exercises in a new era must be diversified and equipped with high technology, including games,” Song said.

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