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Tag: Reddit forum

The ‘Elon Musk effect’: how an error can multiply the value of a company by 130

Before Reddit, the founder of Tesla had already shown the more 'schizophrenic' side of Wall Street. Just one tweet from Elon Musk is enough for...

How Reddit users managed to punish Wall Street with GameStop?

The US video game company GameStop became world-famous in the first month of 2021 after its share price rose more than 2,250%.  Revyuh explains in...

GameStop drama teaches a “worrying” lesson on the US market

GameStop shares soared on January 29 after stockbroker Robinhood backtracked on its strategy, responsible for the financial scandal a day earlier. The drama surrounding the...

Reddit flash mob causes a frenzy in the stock market: a big change or illegal activity?

A frenzy occurred in the stock market after users of the Reddit forum on the internet triggered the share prices of GameStop and AMC,...

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