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Social network existed 50,000 years ago was more sophisticated than Facebook or Instagram

Scientists have discovered the world's oldest social network, a web of links that spanned thousands of kilometers across Africa 50,000 years ago.

New study disproves one of Darwin’s theories

Now, we can predict which genes are more likely to mutate, says new study. According to recent research from...

Earth’s heat may cool down sooner than previously thought

Scientists suspect that Earth is cooling from the inside faster than they thought. The tale of our planet's cooling...

Structures of Proteins Hint Origin of Life in Early Earth’s Primordial Soup

How simple, non-living components may have given rise to primitive life on our planet. Rutgers-led research has uncovered the...

Colony of mysterious fish carrying antifreeze proteins found underneath the ice in Antarctica

The icefish breeding colony covered at least 150 square miles and had over 60 million active icefish nests.

Super-Earths Are More Likely To Have Magnetically Protected Habitability Than Earth, New Study Suggests

Earth, the universe's only known livable planet, has a magnetic field that shields life from potentially dangerous solar winds containing charged particles....

DESI’s three-dimensional “CT scan” of the Universe

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) has capped off the first seven months of its survey run by smashing through all previous...

Exomoons hunter finds second, super-sized moon orbiting Jupiter-like planet

Astronomers have found a new candidate for an exomoon — a moon that orbits planets beyond the realm of our Solar System.

ALMA catches “intruder” redhanded in rarely detected stellar flyby event

An intruder—an object not tied to the system—came close to and interacted with the environment surrounding the binary protostar, causing chaotic, stretched-out...

This ‘flotation’ model explains how Moon’s crust may have formed

Scientists show how the composition of the Moon's crust could be caused by the freezing of a 'slushy' ocean of magma.

Scientists discover, for the first time, an oval-shape planet

Astronomers believe its distortion is caused by the tremendous tidal forces of its host star. The European Space Agency's...

Study reveals genesis of all nearby, young stars wide bubble surrounding Earth

The Earth is in a 1,000-light-year-wide gap surrounded by thousands of newborn stars, but how did those stars form?
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New “wave” of COVID-19 deaths in the US “is going to get worse before it gets better”, predicts professor

On average, the fast-moving omicron variant causes less severe disease, yet COVID-19 deaths in the United States are climbing, with modelers predicting...

Commonly used saline is good at keeping critically ill patients alive and their organs working, says new study

The latest study on intravenous fluids being used in intensive care demonstrates that regular saline is just as effective as more expensive "balanced"...

A single blood test can predict COVID-19 death risk weeks before outcome, study says

A COVID-19 patient's blood sample can predict survival weeks in advance. Using blood samples taken at 349 timepoints from...

In the US, thief steals car along with passenger

The driver's pal stayed in the car by accident and fell asleep when he woke up, found a complete stranger behind the wheel.