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Japanese engineers create a Robo-arm for lonely people

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Jiya Saini
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Japanese engineers presented their latest invention – a Robo-hand for single people. When you bring your fingers to her, she grabs it just like your girlfriend

Engineers of the Japanese Gifu University have invented a Robo-hand, which that lonely people will appreciate. The novelty was named “My girlfriend in walk” and it can be used by those who lack female warmth or doesn’t have girlfriend.

The device is attached to the forearm, so that if a person releases his hand, it does not fall. The mechanical hand is responsive: as soon as you bring your fingers to the robofingers, they immediately grab them in response.

Scientists note that their hand is as close as possible to the human palm. So, for example, if you hold it for a long time, then the skin on the robotic arm sweats – a little liquid comes out through its pores.

Also, the device is equipped with a fragrance that smells like a woman’s shampoo, and a small column from which the sounds of footsteps can be heard.

With a robotic arm, lonely people will be able to spend more time in the fresh air, the inventors believe.

Also, the developers plan to do something nice for the fair sex – they will also release a male version of the device, smelling of male cologne.

Previously, it was reported that Disney has created a robot with a “realistic” look. The sensor warns the robot when to turn to the person, and its gaze from direct contact switches to realistic eye movement.

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