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Video: This robot hand is so dextrous it can use tweezers

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Aakash Molpariya
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A robotic hand with all of the components required for responsive movement, sensing, and high degrees of dexterity.

The hand, which can be attached to current commercial robot arms, is capable of a wide range of functions, including grabbing an egg and utilizing scissors and tweezers.

Robotic hands are capable of performing a wide range of functions. However, building hands without any additional actuation pieces — which allow the robot to move — while keeping features like dexterity and the ability to grab with sufficient force is difficult. Additionally, the additional actuation pieces make it difficult to connect these hands with current robotic arms, limiting their utility.

Uikyum Kim and colleagues created ILDA, a dextrous robotic hand (integrated linkage-driven dexterous anthropomorphic). The hand is made up of 20 joints that allow for 15 degrees of freedom of movement, has a fingertip force of 34 Newtons, weighs less than 1.1 kg, is small (218mm) and has tactile sensing capabilities. Because all of the components are integrated into the hand, it may be joined to current robotic arms without the need for extra parts like forearms.

In a number of experiments, the authors showed that the hand can pick up things of multiple forms, grab things firmly enough to smash cans, or delicately enough to clutch an egg in a series of studies. The hand could also use tweezers to pick up small things and cut paper with scissors.

Source: 10.1038/s41467-021-27261-0

You were reading: Video: This robot hand is so dextrous it can use tweezers

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