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An asteroid the size of an airplane approaching Earth

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The asteroid 2020 XF3, which is between 23 and 52 meters in size, will approach Earth on December 18, NASA experts reported. 

According to their calculations, the closest point on the trajectory of the celestial body to Earth will be at a distance of 6.97 million kilometers. Its speed at this point will be about 7.65 kilometers per second.

Also, on December 18 another celestial body, 2020 XX3, whose estimated diameter ranges from 5.3 to 12 meters will approach Earth. Its maximum point of approach to Earth will be about 57.6 thousand kilometers.

Another, even larger asteroid will hit the Earth’s vicinity on December 20. The diameter of the 1997 XE10 is varied between 27 and 59 meters. However, it will pass our planet at a distance of 5.1 million kilometers at a speed of 7.24 kilometers per second. 

Asteroid approaches to Earth are no longer a rarity to observe, thanks to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) initiative and open observation data.

Updated data from NASA.

All details are already updated on NASA’s NEO Earth Close website.

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