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Hubble discovers unique dual quasars in early universe

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The two host galaxies inhabited by binary quasars will eventually merge, leading to the formation of a massive black hole.

For the first time, the Hubble Telescope has detected binary quasars that are at least ten billion years old.

Quasars are very ancient objects scattered throughout the universe. They were mainly formed in the early stages of its development and are located so far away that their light reaches the Earth only now.  

According to scientists, they are active galactic nuclei at the initial stage of development, in which a supermassive black hole absorbs the surrounding material, forming an accretion disk. 

The latter is a source of super-powerful radiation, hundreds of times higher than the light of stars in galaxies such as ours. Double quasars were discovered by specialists from the University of Illinois. 

They first compiled a list of possible pairs of quasars in the early universe, and then pointed a space telescope at them. Of the four targets, two were confirmed.

As the authors of the study pointed out, in the distant Universe, for every thousand single quasars, there is one double, so finding it is like a needle in a haystack. ” 

Astronomers believe that nearby quasars could eventually merge into supermassive black holes, generating gravitational waves. 

Hubble images show that the quasars within each pair are only about ten thousand light-years apart. By comparison, the Sun is 26,000 light-years from the supermassive black hole at the center of our Galaxy. 

It is emphasized that quasars had a huge impact on the formation of galaxies in the Universe, and the detection of binary objects in this early era will help test long-standing theories about how black holes and their host galaxies evolved together.

This was reported on April 6 by NASA.

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