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The incredible largest 3D map of the universe | Video

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Aakash Molpariya
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More than 100 astrophysicists from around the world collaborated in the creation of the largest detailed 3D map of the universe that has ever existed, through the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) project. The ambitious mapping reveals 11 billion years of totally unknown space history. The video is a cinematic gem.

“You have in front of you the most detailed three-dimensional map of the universe that humanity has ever known, its name is Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Scientists from around the world have studied the night sky for 20 years, studying the positions and distances of more than 4 millions of galaxies and quasars “, reads the introduction of the video that presents the map.

This is a digital sky study, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), carried out by a community of astrophysicists called eBOSS (Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey), which brings together more than 100 members from around the world.

“We know the ancient history of the universe well as well as its recent expansion, but there is an unknown period in the middle of 11 billion years about which little is known,” said cosmologist Kyle Dawson of the University of Utah. Dawson in a statement from the SDSS.

According to Dawson, scientists have tried for years to explain what happened during that time, and the SDSS map is the determining tool to obtain the “substantial information” that allows us to elucidate that historical hiatus.

“This detailed map will help scientists shed light on the remaining mysteries of our universe to solve. Let’s begin the journey from the closest stars to Earth to the farthest spaces in the universe,” invites the video below.

The map begins in the early days of the universe when it was only 300,000 years old. From there, through the distribution patterns of the galaxies, scientists will have the tools to estimate how the universe evolved during all that time that, until now, there was no access to. This, according to scientists, may help finally complete the history of the universe in a unitary way.

Furthermore, their information may serve the purpose of studying from the phenomenon of dark energy to why the expansion of the universe has accelerated in the last 6 billion years.

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