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IVF outcomes remain same whether you’re vaccinated against COVID-19 or not

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There is no difference in fertility outcomes between women vaccinated against COVID-19 and unvaccinated women who undergo IVF using fresh embryo transfer, according to international research.

This retrospective cohort study was authorized by the University of Iowa Institutional Review Board.

The team studied the outcomes of 280 IVF patients, 142 vaccinated and 138 unvaccinated.

From December 14, 2020, to September 30, 2021, patients undergoing IVF-fresh embryo transfer cycles at a single academic institution were included. All of our patients signed a written informed consent form to be included in our IVF research database. COVID-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated patients were compared in terms of cycle features and clinical outcomes. Vaccination status was determined by looking up immunization data in each patient’s electronic medical record. T tests, Mann-Whitney U tests, and 2 tests were used in bivariate analysis.

Multiple cycles per patient were controlled for using generalized estimating equations, and odds ratios were computed after correcting for age and BMI (BMI). Subanalyses were also carried out to rule out (1) day 5 morula transfers and (2) normal insemination–only cycles.

Additional approaches are detailed in Supplement’s eAppendix. SPSS version 27 (IBM Corp) was used for statistical analysis, and a 2-sided P.05 was considered statistically significant.

The majority of the patients were young, single, and obese.

The findings revealed that there was no statistical difference in measurements that predict IVF success, such as the number of useable embryos produced.

When controlling for circumstances known to impact the success rate of IVF, the researchers say pregnancy rates were the same between the two groups.

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You were reading: IVF outcomes remain same whether you’re vaccinated against COVID-19 or not

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