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Scientists capture the X class event, a powerful eruption on the dark side of the Sun

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Kamal Saini
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Scientists recorded the most powerful solar flare in the last three years. It is very likely that the real power of the flare was even greater since the epicenter was on the invisible solar side.

X-ray radiation detectors, operating in orbit, recorded the eruption on November 29. The power level of the solar flare was M4.4, the fourth highest of the five possible. The last time such a powerful solar flare was recorded was in 2017.

At the same time, the scientists do not rule out that the eruption was even larger, of the X class, the most powerful possible since it occurred on the dark side of the star and the devices detected only the radiation fluxes that had spread to the visible part of the Sun from Earth.

Meanwhile, the location of the epicenter of the eruption excludes the impact on Earth. The charged particles and plasma clouds, which form in such powerful eruptions, will pass hundreds of millions of kilometers from our planet.

However, scientists warn that the Sun’s rotation causes the epicenters to move from left to right. For this reason, the active site that generated the recent eruption will shift to the visible side of the star within a day. And in a week, between December 6 and 7, it will position itself right on the Sun-Earth line. However, it is difficult to predict whether the activity of solar flares will continue until then.

This November, solar flares increased dramatically. Only in the first eight days of the month, our star produced more eruptions than in the entire previous period of 2020, the laboratory confirms on its website.

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