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Scientists discover Tombs of Caesar’s time in Vatican

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Aakash Molpariya
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The excavated tombs are engraved with inscriptions that provide scientists with valuable details about the lives of the dead.

In the Vatican, archaeologists have discovered in the Roman necropolis several new graves dating back to the reign of the Roman emperors Nero and Guy Julius Caesar. This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Scientists discovered about 250 burial altars, including tombstones on the tombs of the Roman elite and freed slaves.

The Roman necropolis is located on the Vatican’s hill along ancient Via Triumphalis. Archaeologists have explored only a small area – about 1000 square meters.

Numerous tombs with human remains date back to the 1st-4th centuries AD and include many tombstones, burial portraits and sculptural sarcophagi with the names of the buried, as well as ground structures.

In the eastern part of the necropolis, many of the excavated tombs are engraved with inscriptions giving scientists valuable details about the life of the deceased.

In this burial, archaeologists also discovered two magnificent funerary altars, which date from the time of the emperor Nero.

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