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Scientists have found a new protein compound that completely neutralizes coronavirus

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We are talking about a protein compound that is ten times smaller than the full-length antibody that was used to create a drug against coronavirus.

In the United States, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh have discovered a protein that can completely neutralize coronavirus, even at the lowest dosage.

This is a protein compound 10 times smaller than the full-length antibody that was used to create the Ab8 drug against COVID-19

The tiny size of the molecule increases its ability to diffuse into tissues, which helps to better neutralize the virus, and also allows the drug to be administered by inhalation. The drug does not bind to human cells, which minimizes negative side effects, the study explains. 

It is specified that the drug was discovered by rapid analysis of 100 billion potential molecules that are able to come into contact with the S-protein coronavirus. It is through it that the pathogen enters the body

A striking finding is that VH-Fc ab8 given therapeutically at as low dose as 3 mg/kg can still decrease viral loads in the lung, nasal washes and oral swabs.

“When a protein compound fuses with an immunoglobulin, Ab8 is formed,” the scientists report.

These results indicate that the in vivo delivery of VH-Fc ab8 may be more effective than that of full-size antibodies in an IgG1 format.

Animal models are a more comprehensive and likely more reliable predictor of potential efficacy in humans than in vitro neutralization assays.

The research is published in the journal Cell.

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