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Scientists reconstruct the appearance of young tyrannosaurs

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Experts have shown what the cubs of carnivorous dinosaurs that lived on Earth 70 million years ago looked like.

Paleontologists at the University of Edinburgh have published the results of a study of the fossilised remains of a jaw bone and claw of a Tyrannosaurus rex cub found in Canada.

The remains belonged to a small tyrannosaurus – cousin of the legendary T-Rex. 

According to 3D scanning data, the tyrannosaurus baby hatched from the egg was about 90 cm in length, and in adulthood reached 12 meters. 

Tyrannosaurus eggs were about 40 cm long.  

Note that tyrannosaurs lived 68-66 million years ago in the territory of modern western North America, which was then an island continent known as Laramidia.

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