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A solar storm is approaching Earth: how dangerous can it be?

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Kamal Saini
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The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office has announced the approach of a solar storm in the southern hemisphere of the planet without serious consequences. As a consequence, it is likely that the Northern Lights can be seen in places never before thought of.

According to forecasts, the solar storm will occur between August 20 and 21 with a range of G1, the slightest in its classification, so astrophysicists do not consider it dangerous for the planet or humanity.

The experts consulted by Revyuh explained that the Earth is protected against this type of space phenomenon due to the magnetic field that fulfils the function of deflecting harmful and charged particles from the solar wind.

When the magnetic field protects the planet from powerful solar storms, the northern lights are usually sighted even in places where they are not commonly seen.

In 1859, the most powerful solar storm in history was recorded, which they called the Carrington Event, in honour of Richard Carrington who discovered it. The phenomenon caused the deformation of the magnetic field and generated immense northern lights.

The experts concluded that if the Carrington events were to repeat itself on Earth, the consequences would be serious because human beings are highly dependent on technology.

“The electric generators could fall in addition to seriously affecting communications and satellites,” Anik de Groof instrument operations scientist for ESA’s Solar Orbiter probe explained to the Revyuh media.

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