The sun enters a new cycle of its life

The sun enters a new cycle of its life

Massive sunspot AR2770 is turning toward Earth. Scientists say it indicates the beginning of a new 25th-star cycle that will last about 11 years.

The massive AR2770 sunspot is turning toward Earth. According to scientists, it is an indication of the beginning of a new cycle of our star, which is usually accompanied by an increase in its activity levels that could even deactivate electronic devices on the planet.

The Sun is now about to change cycles. Many scientists expected it to do so last year, but the phenomenon was postponed.

According to experts, the AR2770 spot emitted several C1-class flashes, which are not very intense, but were followed by a small ionization wave in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

The spot is now growing and there may be an increase in the activity that could lead to more intense solar flares.

The prediction of increased activity will protect astronauts in orbit and prevent the destruction of satellites.