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Jade Rabbit 2 captures a mysterious object

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In the picture, the object looks like a hut, but to find out exactly what it really is, the lunar rover needs another two to three months.

While traversing Von Kármán crater on the moon’s far side, China’s Yutu 2 rover observed a mysterious object on the horizon.

According to a Yutu 2 journal, Yutu 2 detected a cube-shaped object on the horizon to the north and around 260 feet (80 meters) away in November during the mission’s 36th lunar day (CNSA).

The object has piqued the scientists’ interest, and Yutu 2 is now anticipated to spend the next 2-3 lunar days (2-3 Earth months) traversing lunar regolith and avoiding craters to obtain a closer look, so updates can be expected.

A large boulder excavated by an impact event is one possible explanation for the shape.

On Jan. 3, 2019, the solar-powered Yutu 2 and Chang’e 4 lander made the first ever landing on the moon’s far side, and the rover has been rolling through the 115-mile-wide (186-kilometer-wide) Von Kármán crater ever since.

Chang’e 4, as the name implies, is China’s fourth moon mission and the second to land a rover on the moon. Chang’e 1 and 2 were orbiters, whereas Chang’e 3 landed on the moon’s near side with the first Yutu rover. China has also launched the Chang’e 5 T1 test mission and the Chang’e 5 lunar sample return mission around the moon.

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