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This is what the world map would look like if the water level rises or falls 1,000 meters

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Aakash Molpariya
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The level of the world ocean is a subject that environmentalists and advocates constantly scare us with. Furthermore, nothing good awaits humanity both in the case of its rise and in the case of a fall and some activists have already painted a world map for each of the cases.

In reality, it is difficult for the ocean to rise or fall 1,000 meters, because such a volume of water simply cannot arise on its own or disappear out of nowhere. But if this happens suddenly in some way unknown to modern science, then chances are we will no longer talk about any political structure in the world.

To better visualize it, the Reddit user BasedMaps has shared two political maps of what the world would look like in one case or the other.

If the ocean level drops 1,000 meters, the continental shelves that connect the continents will be exposed. It would be possible to get from Europe to North America on foot, via Greenland, as well as to Australia, via greatly enlarged Indonesia. Russia and Canada will significantly increase their territories in the north.

Bad news for most of the world if the ocean level rises by 1,000 meters. Both Australia and Europe would cease to exist. In fact, only a few countries would be saved due to the highest mountain ranges on the planet, including the Andes or the east coast of North America. China would be the least affected, thanks to the vast Tibetan plateau.

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