In Europe the crazy law of noisy electric cars will not allow Tesla to fart

In Europe the crazy law of noisy electric cars will not allow Tesla to fart

Tesla is not done with the fun software updates, which bring little to the car but are a blessing to talk about the brand. After the possibility of enjoying Netflix aboard a Tesla, the Californian firm prepares an update of the acoustic warning system of its cars and its horn.

Elon Musk talks about a car that can shoot like a goat and the “cotocloc” of ‘The Knights of the square table and their crazy followers’, of the Monty Python. Of course, it would only be in the United States, because in Europe it would go against community norms.

Musk’s mention of coconut sounds is a direct reference to the Monty Python classic, ‘The Knights of the square table and their crazy followers’, one of Tesla’s favorite comedies. In the film, King Arthur, the main character, crosses Britain in search of the Holy Grail. During the presentation of the character, Arthur is seen galloping on an imaginary horse with his squire, Patsy, just behind him, simulating the sounds hitting two coconut shells.

He also dropped via emoji that would possibly include goat noises, we assume that the Tesla will then be able to shoot like the cute farm animal (will several Tesla together then be a flock?). As soon as the wind emoji, given the well-known Fart Mode, it seems clear that it refers to windiness and not to the wind blow on an autumn afternoon.

Some users have suggested that humid forest and jungle noises be included in general. Elon Musk seems to have liked the idea and could finally add a function that allows you to customize those sounds.

Everything is laughter until someone comes up to his Tesla obscene sounds or every time he activates the klaxon, insults and all kinds of expletives are heard. That is why many doubt that this last function is part of the update.

This update could be illegal in Europe

That is in the United States because in Europe, as for the noise that the car makes when it is moving, European regulations are very clear. The noise of the acoustic warning systems (SAAV) or AVAS, for its acronym in English, should be continuous, similar to that of a vehicle with internal combustion engine and “indicative of the behavior of the vehicle”, that is, with variations depending on of the speed of it. In short, it is a system that must mimic the sound of an internal combustion engine.

A shooting goat or the coconut catacloc, whether striking sounds or not, but it is simply illegal in Europe as an acoustic warning. And the same could happen with the horn update.

The speakers must be adapted in intensity to the size and power of the vehicle. That is, a car cannot carry the horn of a truck or Talgo. What power and size would a shooting goat represent? There is also the issue of volume. At most they must reach 105 db at a distance of 7 meters. I don’t want to imagine a flatulence that reaches that sound level.

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