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In this Mexican town Tesla Cybertruck will not only be a patrol car, it will also collect garbage

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The Tesla Cybertruck returns to be protagonist: in this occasion, for being the new and new acquisition of Ciudad Valles. It is a Mexican municipality of less than 180,000 inhabitants, whose city council has commissioned a total of 15 units of the electric pick-up to convert it into a police vehicle, as well as to provide services of the town hall. Among them, waste collection.

Just over a month after being presented, Tesla Cybertruck is giving much of itself. Either because of its daring aesthetic that has not left anyone indifferent, it has even been the victim of several memes and trolleys, or because of the doubts it has generated in terms of security due to its avant-garde design.

But in addition to the particular market, it seems that Tesla Cybertruck is also being the object of desire in administrations or security forces. Serve as an example the Dubai Police, which has already shown the pick-up dressed in its colours. And the same steps have been followed by the mayor of Ciudad Valles, a city located in the state of San Luis Potosí (Mexico).

An investment with green flavour

Adrián Esper Cárdenas is the mayor of this Mexican population that is carrying out several projects to reduce the carbon footprint in it. Among them is the acquisition of 15 units of the Tesla Cybertruck: 10 of its Dual Motor version and five of the Triple Motor variant, that is, the medium and high versions of the electric pick-up.

Although at the moment it has only made the reservation of the same, which means a disbursement of $ 1,500 (at the rate of $ 100 for each unit), the total amount will mean for the coffers of the City Council about 20 million pesos (about $ 1059180 or 946,966 euros to the current exchange rate), according to this report of the Mexican newspaper Milenio.

Esper Cárdenas has defended himself from the criticism of the opposition for the expense by ensuring that only one year of being active the 15 electric vans will amortize the investment, assuming a saving of 24 million pesos annually (about $ 1271016 or 1,136,360 euros). In fact, he even makes a complete breakdown in his Facebook profile comparing the expenses of the Tesla Cybertruck with a Ford F-150, the queen of trucks in North America.

These 15 Tesla Cybertruck will become police cars, as well as vans for waste collection or water transport and other services, such as the transfer of people with reduced mobility. In short, they will be at the service of the City Council of Ciudad Valles for various purposes. They have even dared to make some renders with the pick-up dressed ad hoc for them.

“It is a great solution to have electric vehicles that can be recharged with solar panels”, said Esper Cárdenas. And the plan is that these electrified pick-ups are charged with 100% renewable energy. Thus, Ciudad Valles becomes the first Mexican city to seize the services of the Cybertruck, to the delight of Elon Musk and the firm of Palo Alto.

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