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Elon Musk shuffles the possibility to equip the Model 3 with a 100 kWh battery

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Amit Kumar
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A leak of the Tesla Model 3 code opens the possibility that the most popular of the Tesla family will equip a 100 kWh battery with which it could achieve a range of more than 700 kilometres

The information has been known thanks to the leak of a famous hacker who dives into the code of Elon Musk’s famous electric cars. One of these Model 3 code leaks refers to a 100 kWh battery-powered version, which would be a big leap from the current versions with 60 and 75 kWh.

If Tesla decided to launch a Model 3 with a 100 kWh battery, such as the Model S and Model X, we would probably be talking about electric cars with more autonomy in the market. Taking into account that a Model 3 Great Autonomy with a 75 kWh battery approves 560 km of autonomy, a 33% larger battery could increase autonomy to 720-740 kilometers.

Although the approved autonomy is always greater than the real one, if you take into account the real average consumption that can be achieved with a Model 3, you could be talking about a real autonomy greater than 600 kilometers. A figure with which, without a doubt, the ghosts of the “anxiety of autonomy” can be completely forgotten.

The issue, for the time being, is merely speculative, since it is a possibility not confirmed by the manufacturer. In addition, a larger battery would make the cost more expensive and one might wonder if customers would be willing to pay several thousand euros more for a handful of kilometres of extra autonomy.

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