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The Ford Mustang electric SUV will have more autonomy than a Tesla Model X

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Ford is willing not to lose the electric mobility train. In addition to using the Volkswagen MEB platform for future models for its electric cars, it will begin its new electric era with a model with a strong image, an SUV inspired by the Ford Mustang. In anticipation of its launch (and the rest of the range), Ford has launched a website that reveals the autonomy of that future Ford flagship electric car : “up to 600 km,” according to the WLTP cycle.

The WLTP approval cycle is much more realistic than the old NEDC, but remains slightly optimistic. In this case, although in the end they are between 510 and 560 km real, it is still striking. We would then be in the presence of one of the most autonomous electric market, being almost up to the Tesla Model S Long Range that approves an autonomy of 610 km (WLTP cycle).

And more importantly, it would surpass Tesla Model X, the current SUV of the brand, in autonomy. The Model X Long Range exhibits a range of 505 km in the WLTP cycle. The Ford electric would have there an undoubted initial advantage.

On the other hand, Ford speaks of “up to 600 km”, which suggests that it refers to the top-of-the-range version. In that case there would be lower autonomy versions, but also at a lower price.

The electric Mustang SUV, could be seen in the Hall of Los Angeles

Recently, Ford published some photos of the prototype of its electric SUV inspired by the Ford Mustang for the first time and illustrating these lines. The photos show absolutely nothing in terms of design (obvious), but they are an indication that Ford is putting all the meat on the grill with this vehicle. Although Ford has already given us a prototype at times, it is not a very common practice in the US manufacturer.

It is rumored that Ford should teach enough of the new car in November 2019, coinciding with the Los Angeles Hall (what better event than this to teach a new electric car). Perhaps it is an advance in the form of a concept car, something that Ford does do. Or even, who knows, Ford could even show us the definitive model.

In any case, the Mustang-inspired electric SUV should reach the market throughout 2020, along with a whole series of electrified models. However, everyone expects to see that new model. And is that the combination proposed by Ford is how much less strange and arouses curiosity. Who is not intrigued by what a car will be like that combines these three concepts: electric, SUV and Mustang?

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