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Tesla Software Version 10.0: all the news of the new update for Tesla cars

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Kamal Saini
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Less than a year has passed since the arrival of the Software Version 9.0 update, and today Tesla is already launching ‘Software Version 10.0’ (V10). This is the latest update for Tesla cars, which includes a lot of news, both entertainment and security.

The Tesla V10 is identified as the ‘version 2019.32.10’ and will be arriving from today to all Tesla cars gradually, being the first those that have activated the functions of Full Self-Driving (FSD), and the “advanced download “in the vehicle configuration.

Remember that this update is done automatically via OTA, and as it is a major update, it is usually installed at night with the car charging, although the installation can be forced, something very similar to what happens with smartphones.

Let’s know all its news:

Tesla Theater

As anticipated a few weeks ago, Tesla cars can use their central display to connect and view content from Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, the latter only in the United States. In the case of China, the services will be iQiyi and Tencent Video access.

With this, users will be able to watch the streaming content of their favorite service, as long as the car is stopped, since the idea is to have a source of entertainment while charging the car or waiting for someone.

Elon Musk mentioned that this new function ‘Tesla Theater’ will take advantage of all the speakers of the car to have a surround sound. It will also be compatible with our smartphone, from where we can send content to the Tesla car screen.


This novelty is more for the North American market, since in Europe there was the possibility of connecting to a Spotify account from a Tesla. Now with V10 Software, Spotify will be available in all regions where the service is available.

It should be noted that we will need a Premium account to use Spotify, and thus add to the current Radio Slacker and TuneIn.


If they are one of those who like to sing at full volume in the car, Tesla has good news. The new function ‘Car-aoke’ will show the lyrics of the songs on the screen. It will only be compatible with some songs, but they claim that more will be added over time.

Tesla Arcade

Another novelty that had already been anticipated is the arrival of Tesla Arcade, a function that turns a Tesla car into a video game console with wheels. In this case, all current Atari games as well as ‘Beach Buggy Racing 2’, will be in this section ready to play.

As a novelty, there is also the arrival of ‘Cuphead’ to Tesla Arcade, which can be controlled with any control connected to the USB of the car, and where even the option of two players will be available. Remember that Tesla Arcade can only be used when the car is stopped.

Sites recommendation

For this V10, Tesla has added new site recommendation features to its maps, which will be known as “I’m Feeling Lucky” and “I’m Feeling Hungry“. When choosing the first, the car will propose a route to a tourist or interesting site within the range of autonomy of the car, while in the second option this recommendation will be to a restaurant.

We can now invoke our Tesla

Like KITT, the fantastic car, Tesla cars are updating the Smart Summon function, which allows us to invoke our car autonomously through the mobile app on our smartphone , so that it can go to the place where we are To pick us up.

It is clear that this function is only available for those who purchased the autonomous driving package (FSD) and updated the Tesla Mobile App to version 3.10.0. Likewise, it can only be used at a certain distance between the user and the car, as long as there is visibility of the vehicle to operate it as if it were remote control.

Tesla emphasizes that Smart Summon is the responsibility of the user, who must control the car and take care of any incident.

Now our Tesla be care alone (more or less)

Within the security section, Tesla is updating the Dashcam and Sentry Mode functions, with which the car can use all its cameras to record at all times what is happening around it. For this we will need a USB memory installed in the vehicle, which is where the videos will be saved with encryption, and the oldest ones will be erased according to the capacity of said memory.

The ‘Joe Mode’ is also being added , which reduces the volume of music and certain alarms inside the car, this when it detects that there are people sleeping in the back, such as children.

And finally, as part of the Tesla Mobile App update, now from our smartphone we can open and close the windows, open and close the garage door through HomeLink, or defrost the car by remotely activating the heating.

As I mentioned, the update to Software V10 will reach all Tesla cars gradually starting today. In addition, as a plus, Tesla is activating the internet browser to the Model 3 Standard Range Plus and Standard Range, which initially did not have it enabled.

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