Alternative App Store for iOS devices without jailbreak

Alternative App Store for iOS devices without jailbreak

The programmer Riley Testut has released a first beta version of its alternative app store for iOS devices: Altstore is scheduled to launch on September 28, 2019, and is already available as a trial version. In a blog post, the programmer explains the project.

With Altstore, users of iOS devices should be able to install apps on their iPhone or iPad that are not from Apple’s own App Store. But the device does not have to jailbreak, which should make things easier for most users.

Detour via PC application

To install an app on the iPhone or iPad, Altstore issues the installation process as a test of a self-developed application. This does not mean that the installation is based on certificates that Apple can withdraw – which would make the installation no longer work.

Instead, users need to install an application on their PC with MacOS or Windows. This old server called program runs in the background on the computer and listens for Altstore connections. As soon as a connection is established, Altstore sends the installation request to legacy server; the program then causes the program to be installed on the mobile device.

Altstore on an iPhone or iPad is therefore only the front for old servers: Without connection to the PC program, no applications can be installed. After a week, the installed applications must be updated – this also runs in the background via old server. The limitation of allowing only three apps to be installed at the same time bypasses Testut by deleting certain profiles of the applications during new installations.

Login with Apple account necessary

For the whole system to work, users must log in to the legacy server application using their Apple account. According to Testut, he has done everything to secure the data; If you still do not trust the system, you can sign up with a new account created just for this purpose.

In Altstore users should find applications that are not allowed there due to the limitations of Apple’s App Store. As an example, Testut lists one of its own apps: Clips is a clipboard manager that monitors copied content in the background. This is not automated according to current guidelines of the App Store. The Delta app, on the other hand, is a game emulator.

Instructions for installation can be found on the official website of the project.

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