The best applications and software to create virtual Lego constructions

The best applications and software to create virtual Lego constructions

Whether you are a big fan of the constructions with LEGO or if this Christmas has given you some set and you are starting this exciting world, the fun does not end in the physical world but in the virtual, we can give more free rein to our imagination and create Unique LEGO figures in a virtual way so that you can even turn them into reality with instructions included.

Take note of the best applications and software with which to design and build LEGO parts virtually.

Studio 2.0

The most complete program of all, both for possibilities and for the elements it includes, is Studio 2. In it we can design LEGO toys and scenarios using any of its pieces. The system is responsible for analyzing the stability of the design made so that it is possible to build it later in a real way.

We have integration with BrickLink to order the parts we need online, as well as an instruction generator. It is available for both Mac and Windows. It is free and open-source.


Halfway between a 3D design program and a creator of LEGO toys. With a base of more than 4000 LEGO pieces that we can drag and drop to build what we want, without limit and being able to change the color of the pieces at any time. It is also compatible with LDR and MPD files, both in import and export. It also supports creating the construction instructions for the designs we have imagined.

LeoCAD is free and available for both Mac, Windows and Linux.

LEGO Digital Designer

It is the official LEGO software, available to download for free from the web. Valid for Windows and Mac. With this tool we can create LEGO designs in 3D scenarios in a simple way. We can choose from all the pieces of the official catalog of the company, filtering in numerous ways. We also have templates to avoid having to start from scratch.


Also free but only available for download on Windows, BlockCAD is a less ambitious and complete tool than the previous ones, but equally fun to use and with the LEGO pieces as a starting point to build any object that our imagination desires.


This software is available exclusively for Mac computers. Bricksmith is based on LDraw libraries, works by dragging and dropping parts and we can generate a step-by-step instruction to build our creations. It has a curious addition to creating LEGO minifigures.


Another basic software that allows editing LDraw files with LEGO models created by fans around the world is LDCad. In this case, we can download it for free for both Linux and Windows.


The online option to design and build virtual LEGO toys and creations, for those who prefer it, is called Mecabricks. It works on any browser, so we can use it even on a tablet. And if you are very creative, this program has an interesting addition: render the creations in images. Addictive is little.