Chrome for Android launches a new interface for its new grouped tabs

Chrome for Android launches a new interface for its new grouped tabs

One of the most anticipated news from Chrome for Android is its new interface and its group of tabs, two features that the company announced will soon be worldwide.

While we wait for the official launch of this news we see how through the unstable versions of Chrome Dev and Canary an important novelty that affects the Chrome Duet menu and the grouped tabs.

Tabs grouped in Chrome Duet

Until now, the Chrome Duet tools menu was not compatible with the grouped tabs, something that the company has solved in those developing versions of Chrome.

Now as a novelty, the grouped tabs bar appears above the lower Google Duet menu, and instead of occupying the entire screen size the grouped tabs bar is reduced and its size is adjusted to the amount of open grouped tabs. In addition, the new arrow allows you to hide this bar.

How to activate Google Duet with tab group

To test the new Chrome interface we have to follow these steps:

  1. Have Chrome Dev or Canary installed.
  2. Open in a Chrome tab : / flags.
  3. Mark the options enabled : Chrome Duet (# enable-chrome-duet), Tab Groups (# enable-tab-groups) and Duet-TabStrip Integration (# enable-duet-tabstrip-integration).
  4. Click on Relaunch to restart Chrome.

After activating these three options, the Chrome browser should show you the Google Duet bottom menu and allow you to group tabs from the open tabs view by simply dragging one tab over another. If these new features do not appear, try to force the application to close and clear the application cache.