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Chromium Browser: Vivaldi blocks abusive advertising

Vivaldi has released a new version for the browser of the same name. It incorporated a technique to block abusive advertising.

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Aakash Molpariya
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Users of Vivaldi should be protected by default from abusive advertising. With the release of Vivaldi 2.6, the Adblock function introduced in Google’s Chrome browser will be adopted.

Vivaldi had to adjust this because Google does not distribute the list as Chrome does. Vivaldi has implemented the function so that the corresponding filter lists lie directly on Vivaldi servers. The filter lists come from Google.

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The Adblocker in Vivaldi is designed to block advertising formats that can cause problems for websites. These include pop-ups that prevent you from leaving a specific website. The feature is enabled by default with Vivaldi 2.6 and can be turned off in privacy settings as needed. At the beginning of the month Vivaldi decided against integrating an adblocker into their own browser. At the time, the current Adblock feature had been integrated into the browser’s prerelease version for weeks.

The passwords saved in Vivaldi can now be searched for and the search field displays the icon of the selected search engine. The sidebar displays the number of unread tabs, and Vivaldi is generally more responsive, even when many tabs are open in the browser. In addition, the user profiles in Vivaldi can be adapted more comfortably and extensively.

With Vivaldi 2.5, a support from Razer Chroma has been integrated into the browser. This allows chroma-enabled devices to dynamically adjust the colors of web pages. In addition, since this release, the shortcut bookmarks can be resized and new features added for using tab groups.

Vivaldi 2.6 is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you want to try out new features in advance, you can install the snapshot versions of Vivaldi, which are usually reliable and stable.

Vivaldi differs from other browsers in the market by many comfort features and many customization options for the user. The user should be able to set the browser as well as possible for his own needs.

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