Cortana will be more natural and conversational thanks to changes in machine learning by Microsoft

Cortana will be more natural and conversational thanks to changes in machine learning by Microsoft
Cortana will be more natural and conversational thanks to changes in machine learning by Microsoft

It is the day of Microsoft Build 2019 Developer Conference, so the news does not take long to make an appearance. Since the arrival of Cortana to Windows has been missing something more natural in its operation, and fewer interruptions during certain configurations, something that has been solved.

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Today, Microsoft announced some improvements to reach Cortana, thanks to the incorporation of Semantic Machines on your computer, whose main function is to transmit a new approach to improvements in machine learning, both Cortana as services Azure and Bot Framework. Less manual programming and more machine learning, enough to make Cortana the perfect assistant?

The expected improvements for machine learning arrive

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Microsoft says that Cortana will come hand in hand with a new approach, with improvements in machine learning a mainstay. To do this, they have added to their ranks the team of Semantic Machines, a development group that will be in charge of achieving a more natural dialogue experience. This team, according to Microsoft, has some of the best experts in artificial intelligence conversational.

Microsoft says that Semantic Machines, together with its research teams, has managed to develop a “new and revolutionary conversation technology”, which translates into a new conversational engine that will make Cortana a more natural assistant.

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The main objective of Microsoft is to achieve a better conversational language, making Cortana and those services that use more natural agents in their communication

This is achieved by incorporating multiple agents for its multiple services (one agent for each service), responsible for converting the natural language of the user into an action, and responsible for the applications to give correct answers. This model, according to Microsoft, is more effective than the traditional one, in which each agent is responsible for an action, which must be previously programmed.

On the other hand, it is also important for the improvements in Cortana, the work of Azure Speech, the Microsoft solution to transcribe the user’s natural language into real-time text, being able to recognize even among different voices .

“This new approach is focused on creating conversational interfaces based on data and machine learning, instead of rules, intentions and codes.” Microsoft

In the presentation we have been able to see the accuracy of the system, and the speed at which the voices of the users are recorded. In short, Microsoft wants to put aside manual programming, and that machine learning and data obtained from it are the main responsible when preparing responses (actions) for users.

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As we anticipate, Microsoft’s philosophy for this technology is that of “an organization, an agent”, so this new way of understanding learning will apply to both Cortana and Azure cloud services will be incorporated in Cortana, as well as in Azure and Bot Framework cloud services.

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