Developer: Eclipse Foundation launches openMobility Working Group

The goal is to collaborate on traffic simulation and modeling. Basic techniques come from the German Aerospace Center.

Developer: Eclipse Foundation launches openMobility Working Group
Developer: Eclipse Foundation launches openMobility Working Group

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the launch of the openMobility Working Group. The industry-specific grouping wants to promote cooperation in traffic simulation and modeling. This should provide answers to urban planning issues around autonomous vehicles and future traffic requirements.

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The origin of the working group lies in the project Eclipse Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) of the German Aerospace Center. It is intended to provide tools for a detailed simulation of the movement of people and vehicles as well as their communication systems. The aim is to create the basis for testing driver assistance systems, predicting and optimizing traffic and evaluating new business concepts such as mobility-as-a-service.

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In addition to the German Aerospace Center, the new working group Bosch, Fraunhofer FOKUS and TESIS GmbH (as part of Vector Informatik) are involved.

The openMobility Working Group is not the only working group of the open source organization on the automotive and transportation industries. Eclipse openPASS provides frameworks and modules to simulate driver assistance and automated driving, and Eclipse openMDM provides tools and systems for standardized measurement data management.

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