FTP and more: Cyberduck 7 released

FTP and more: Cyberduck 7 released
FTP and more: Cyberduck 7 released

Cyberduck is an open source software that allows you to manage your own FTP (and more) and various cloud services. Now, version 7 has been released, and such a big leap naturally raises expectations for big changes. Nevertheless, visually everything has remained as it was before, only under the hood were fixed bugs, added to some useful features – for example, the sharing of the cloud services.

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The changelog (Latest Bugfixes and enhancements):

– [Feature] Segmented downloads with multiple connections per file (# 10115)
– [Feature] Allow password input in bookmark window
– [Feature] Create download authorization for files to share (Backblaze B2)
– [Feature] Make a file public and copy URL to share (Google Drive)
– [Feature] Create temporary link (4 hours) for file to share (Dropbox)
– [Feature] Create shared link for file (Microsoft OneDrive)
– [Feature] Create download share for file or folder ( DRACOON)
– [Feature] Support to rename and copy files (Backblaze B2)
– [Feature] Support to open SSH terminal in bash.exe from Windows Linux Subsystem (SFTP, Windows) (# 10065)
– [Bugfix] Existing metadata not displayed (S3) (# 10647)
– [Bugfix] Browser always shows modification time in UTC timezone (Windows) (# 10629)
– [Bugfix] Interoperability with Apache Sling (WebDAV) (# 10598)
– [Bugfix] Interoperability with SAP NetWeaver Application Server (WebDAV)
– [Bugfix ]
[Error] Wrong MIME type set for uploaded files (S3)
– [Bugfix] Invalid signature for files with + or * character in key (S3) (# 9914, # 10679)
– [Bugfix] Failure uploading files larger than 4GB (OpenStack Swift) (# 10657)
– [Bugfix] Fails to launch in the newly created virtual desktop (Windows) (# 10467)

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