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Google removes Datally, your app to save data, from Google Play

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Kamal Saini
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Google Datally began its journey as Triangle in 2017, to be later renamed to its current name a few months later. The application is no longer officially available on Google Play, although it is currently in a kind of limbo by which you can continue installing from the direct link.

Datally is, or rather was, an app to control the use of data on the mobile that used a VPN to allow or deny access to the network selectively. It is a functionality similar to Android’s Data Saver mode that limits the use of background networks for all apps, with the exception of exceptions.

Goodbye, Datally

The applications come and go from Google Play – tell WhatsApp – so it would be normal not to give it much importance and wait for Datally to return to the Google store. However, it is not a punctual error, since Google has included a note in the help of the application with the following text: “Datally is no longer available in Google Play Store”.

What we do not have is an official explanation of why Datally has disappeared from the Google store, although it is true that we rarely get it beyond the typical message stating that what we have learned in other services of the company will be reused.

The app had not been updated for a year and according to some comments left by users on Google Play, it seems that it did not work properly under some circumstances. Today Android does not include exactly the same functionality as Datally, the closest thing being the data saving mode and usage statistics in Data usage. Some layers of Android do include an easy way to restrict network usage by app easily like Datally.

Be that as it may, Datally does not appear in Google Play searches and is also not displayed in the Google apps directory. You can continue accessing from the direct link to your file for now if you already installed it before. Otherwise, you will receive the text of “The requested URL could not be found on this server.”

Via | Android Police

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