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Lots of news for Skype with the latest update with new features

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Jiya Saini
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News for Skype, coming to the desktop client and apps: drafts, favorite messages, preview of multimedia content and separate windows.

In the era of FaceTime and WhatsApp it is easy to forget that long before these two existed there was – and there is – a service that was the king of video calls: Skype. Acquired by Microsoft several years ago, it remains an effective solution, especially in business environments, and proof of this is its latest update.

The latest version of the instant messaging platform of the company of Bill Gates includes several new features to enhance our productivity, where messages are the great beneficiaries.

Skype Chat News: Drafts and bookmarks in messages, but there are more

Skype will notify the user when a message he was writing was not sent by placing the [draft] tag in the preview so he can retake it and finish composing it. In addition, we can now mark any message that we find interesting by adding a bookmark to reread it whenever we want. The message will appear in the Bookmarks section.

But this is not the only thing that Skype’s new update brings. Now we can also preview the photos, videos and files before sending them to make sure they are the ones we want to share, and if we have made a mistake we can easily remove ourselves from the side panel. When sending multiple images and videos, these will be presented as an album to make it easier to view the content.

Finally, there is the split screen. With the immediacy of instant messaging apps, it is common to send a message to the wrong conversation, with the consequent problem that may pose. This new feature will place contacts in one part of the screen and conversations in the other, as the Skype team says in an official statement.

The news in question, intended for both the desktop client and the mobile applications for Android and iOS, are currently being rolled out. It may take a few days before they reach all users and all devices.

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