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The new Edge arrives in January: everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Chrome

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Jiya Saini
Jiya Saini is a Journalist and Writer at Revyuh.com. She has been working with us since January 2018. After studying at Jamia Millia University, she is fascinated by smart lifestyle and smart living. She covers technology, games, sports and smart living, as well as good experience in press relations. She is also a freelance trainer for macOS and iOS, and In the past, she has worked with various online news magazines in India and Singapore. Email: jiya (at) revyuh (dot) com

The evolution of the Microsoft browser lands on January 15 on all Windows 10 computers and that is why it is time to know what it will bring

A few days ago we talked about Windows preparing a big change for the beginning of 2020. This included the definitive goodbye of Windows 7 one of its most successful operating systems of recent years, but it is not the only big change that comes. If on January 13 we say goodbye to the now-classic OS, on 15 we will say hello to one of the winning horses of the future of the window, or at least that is what they want in the company. The new Edge browser arrives and does so to end the bad reputation and finally banish Explorer. How are they going to get it? Well, emulating Chrome.

Although we have been talking about the change of the browser for almost a year, Microsoft has kept all its details with great zeal and until these last months we have not been able to see anything of this program based on the open-source of Google Chrome, known as Chromium and that is in the which are also based on another such as Opera, Vivaldi or Brave (one of the sensations of recent years). Therefore, before you suddenly encounter the change, the update that arrives on January 15 will erase the old Edge and bring you the new one, we want to show you what you need to know in order to live with this new tool. And no, the change doesn’t look bad.

What does it mean to be Chromium?

If this new program stands out for something, it is because it changes its structure and goes on to the one that the Seattle company was, until now, was its worst enemy. Google Chrome has swept everything in the world of browsers just like other brothers like Android or Gmail and Microsoft has decided to change its strategy in an unprecedented movement. Its CEO, Satya Nadella, has given a stir to the company and has become a champion of open source. That is why he has now decided to bet on Chromium, Google’s ‘free software’ browser.

In short, this means that the new browser will have a base very similar to that of Chrome, taking many of its features and giving validity to many of the tools of Mountain View. That does not mean that it is traced to the search engine solution but it will take many specifications such as extensions or part of the design. What does Microsoft gain from it? Well, greater acceptance by users and a base that has proven to be the most successful in the market. In addition, it can evolve at the same time as its rivals and its competition will be, a priori, much more dynamic than if it followed a hard road alone.

As it has been found in the different betas that Microsoft has already launched, the resemblance is more than reasonable but to that base ‘made in’ Google Microsoft adds a lot of ‘software’ of its own, that is, they do not completely discard their solutions but that improve them with Chromium. Or that is what they are trying, and for now, the reviews are not bad. In addition, we must see it, but the idea is that you can import everything you have in Chrome to this new Edge and that is something of the most striking for anyone who is thinking about changing programs.

It is still too early to know but it must be clear that Microsoft does not give up fighting Chrome with this movement, but quite the opposite. The idea of ​​Nadella, like when he decided to close his mobile operating system and collaborate with Android, is to improve the solutions of the great G with ‘software’ and beat him in his field, taking advantage of open source.

What big changes does it bring?

Since we know where the key to change is, we are going to explain its characteristics more, although as we have said, its strongest points have been guarded with suspicion. In the beta versions, there are already several that have stood out and are worth commenting on.

As we have said, when entering Chromium borrow the ‘extensions’ and we can use them in Edge. But not only can we install them in the browser but you can also download them as an ‘app’ for your system. For example, you can download the ‘app’ from Twitter or Amazon and thus not have to go through the home page to reach these services. An advance to lighten, and much, the browser.

Related to this same aspect it must be said that it will be much lighter than Chrome or Firefox according to the tests that have been done so far. The great ‘handicap’ of Chrome is the performance and consumption of RAM and Edge attacks at that point. The idea of ​​Microsoft is lightness and usefulness to win Google and its billion functions and possibilities.

Finally, they highlight its ‘dark mode’ and two reading details. You can ask the browser to read a web out loud for you and you will have the possibility to put the ‘easy reading’ mode to get rid of banners and distractions in the middle as other devices like the ‘iPhone’ already offer. Changes to improve the fame of the browser and that add to the renewal in the logos that lose the classic ‘e’ that came from Explorer.

Am I obligated to change?

Finally, and if you didn’t like this about the new Edge, you should know that there is a possibility to block the change. At least to do it momentarily because the idea of ​​Seattle is that everyone embraces their new solution.

To do this, and if you are an average user, you just have to create a quick registration key in Windows 10. The steps to follow are:

  • Press the Windows key, type “regedit” (without quotes) and press ‘Enter’ to open the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Browse to the folder: HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftEdgeUpdate
  • If the EdgeUpdate key does not exist, create one by right-clicking on “Microsoft”> New> Password and give it the name EdgeUpdate.
  • Select your EdgeUpdate key, click on the right side of the window and select New> DWORD Value (32 bits)
  • Use DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium as the name for the key and change its Value information to 1. Press OK and that’s it.
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